Meet our new face: Ian Hagan

AutoCare Pukekohe new man to the team

AutoCare Pukekohe catches up with our new face: Ian Hagan 
Ian joins the team at Autocare Pukekohe after spending the last 18 years working in Waiuku. Here he tells us a bit about himself and his background. 
AP: Thanks for joining us Ian, to start off tell us a bit about your background in the industry?
IH: I've spent 40 years in the automotive trade and am originally from a dairy farm so I was always playing around the mechanical stuff. I got an apprenticeship out of school and have been in the trade ever since. 
What was the apprenticeship scheme like back when you were training?
I trained under the old apprenticeship system in Papakura, which took three and half to four years to progress through. From there I progressed from into some general mechanical jobs and got on with my career.
What have your first impressions been of Autocare Pukekohe?
The knowledge here at AutoCare is wide. I am blown away it and I'm on a really good learning curve here. 
Finally, do you have a favourite type of car to work on?
I do like some of the older stuff, the classics. Some of the problems newer cars with advanced computers throw up can be different to how the normal mind works, but if you've got the right people to reach out to that helps. 

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